Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook Training

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager used for emailing, scheduling and contact information management.

Our standard course outline for this course is shown below, however, we are able to adapt the contents to suit your specific needs as required.

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Microsoft Outlook - What is Outlook?

  • Recognise the components of a Desktop Information Manager (Inbox, Calendar, Contracts, Tasks, Notes, Journal)
  • Understand the use of email to send electronic messages
  • Recognise the different elements of the Outlook application window

Microsoft Outlook - Composing Mail Messages

  • Create a message
  • Address a message to different recipients
  • Add a file attachment to a message
  • Move or copy data within a message or between messages and other types of file
  • Set message priority
  • Use the Spelling Checker
  • Send internet email using Outlook

Microsoft Outlook - Reading and Replying To Messages

  • Check for new messages
  • Open or preview one or more email messages
  • Reply to and forward a message
  • Open or save a file attachment
  • Print a message
  • Save a draft message
  • Block spam messages

Microsoft Outlook - Using Contacts and the Address Book

  • Understand the Address Book and Contact List
  • Create, edit, and delete a contact
  • Create a group (distribution list) of email recipients
  • Insert recipient email addresses using the Address Book
  • Integrate contacts with other Outlook components

Outlook - Exchanging Instant Messages

  • Set up Outlook to integrate with a messaging application
  • Start a messaging conversation from Outlook

Outlook - Organising Items

  • Sort, highlight, and search for items
  • Organise items in subfolders
  • Delete items and subfolders
  • Save a mail message to a Windows folder

Outlook - Scheduling Appointments and Events

  • View and track appointments using the Calendar
  • Schedule an appointment or event
  • Set and manage reminders for appointments
  • Modify or delete an appointment
  • Identify conflicting appointments
  • Schedule appointment time as Free, Busy, or Out of Office

Outlook - Assigning and Tracking Tasks

  • Add, delete, or modify a task item
  • Track progress on a task
  • Assign a task
  • Accept or decline a task request

Outlook - Making Notes

  • Write and edit a note
  • Change the appearance of a note
  • Delete a note

Outlook - Planning a Meeting

  • Plan a meeting and invite attendees
  • Add or remove meeting attendees
  • Reschedule or cancel a meeting
  • Accept or decline a meeting request
  • Propose a new time for a meeting
  • Schedule the use of a resource for a meeting

Outlook - Printing Items

  • Define a print style for a particular item
  • Print a mail message
  • Preview and print from the Calendar
  • Print an appointment, task, or contact item

Outlook - Organising Items Using Categories and Contacts

  • Use categories to link and organise items
  • Edit the Master Category List
  • Link items to contacts
  • View contact activities

Outlook - Working with Views

  • Apply a different view
  • Show, hide, and format fields
  • Group items by a field
  • Sort and filter items
  • Apply automatic formatting to items
  • Create and save a view
  • Use Advanced Find to locate an item
  • Create and use search folders